Diploma / Master's Theses


The seminar paper is to be seen as a preparation for writing diploma and master's theses. Techniques for writing scientific papers are to be practiced while writing the seminar paper. It is therefore recommended that the seminar paper is supervised by the department that also supervises the thesis.

Prerequisite for writing diploma or master's theses is the "Seminarschein". "Seminarscheine" from other Chairs in Information Systems at the University of Mannheim are accepted only in exceptional cases. There should be a clear link between the thesis topic and the chair's research fields or the topics discussed in the lectures.

For diploma theses, it is expected that the SBWL has been completed at the Chair (at least 5 modules).


The topics are assigned decentrally by the Chair's assistants. To find a suitable topic, it is recommended to align one's personal topic preferences with the assistants' research interests. The topic is specified in systematic conversations with the said assistants. You can find information regarding their respective research interests on our team websites. Information about current and completed theses can be found at the bottom of this page.

Further, current thesis suggestions can be found on the Chair's welcome page in the news section, as well as on the Chair's bulletin board.


After the topic has been chosen, a proposal must be turned in at the Chair. The proposal should comprise an outline of the topic as well as the objective of the thesis. 

For the thesis registration, the proposal, the "Seminarschein" and, if necessary, a confirmation of a student research project (Studienarbeit) are to be presented. We offer research colloquia, which all students writing their diploma or master's thesis can attend (an invitation is generally sent by email after the student has been accepted as graduand). After about a third of the research time has passed each graduand has to present the concept of his/her thesis, as well as first results.