Bachelor's Theses in the B.Sc. Business Informatics

General Remarks

At the Chair of Business Administration and Information Systems, bachelor's theses can be written by both students of Business Information Systems and students of Business Administration. 

As indicated in the program description, the requirements for writing bachelor's theses vary. You can find more specific information on the respective sub pages.


Prerequisite for writing a bachelor's thesis at our chair is the "Seminarschein". The seminar paper is to be seen as a preparation for writing the bachelor's thesis. Techniques for writing scientific papers are to be practiced while writing the seminar paper. "Seminarscheine" from other Chairs of Business Information Systems at  the University of Mannheim are accepted. However, it is best if the seminar paper and the bachelor's thesis are written at the same chair. There should be a clear link between the thesis topic and the research done at the chair or the  topics discussed during the lectures.


In the colloquium preliminary results found during the process of writing are presented and discussed in class. The date for this event has not yet been scheduled.


The following illustration shows the process of how to write a bachelor's thesis in Spring 2011.