Teaching Concept

Course Overview

For Diplom and Master's Students:

Starting in Fall 2009, all re-sit exams offered by the chair take place in the so-called "Wiederholerwoche" (last week before the next semester begins).

For Diplom Students

All courses from the master's programs in Business Informatics and in Business Administration as well as ISINSI will be accepted as modules of the former "SBWL". IRM I corresponds to the lecture IRM which is why only one of these courses can be recognized. IRM II was replaced by Cases in IS, accordingly only one of these lectures can be recognized as well.

Hints on how to schedule the SBWL


  • In order to successfully complete the SBWL, seven modules must be passed.
  • During the "Hauptstudium" (main course of study) a minimum of 5 SBWL modules offered by the Chair must be attended. A maximum of two modules can be replaced with externally completed courses.

Planning the modules:

  • The lectures Information Resource Management (IRM) and Cases in IS build on one another. They should therefore be taken in the same semester or in consecutive semesters. Please note that the IRM lecture should not be taken as the first course in the core.


  • Before attending the seminar, at least 4 modules should be completed.
  • The seminar is a prerequisite for writing a diploma thesis at the Chair; it does not count as a SBWL module.
  • It is advised that the "Seminarschein" (proof of completion) be acquired at the chair where the student plans to write his/her diploma thesis. However, "Seminarscheine" from other chairs of Business Information Systems at the University of Mannheim are generally accepted, too.
  • For further information regarding the diploma thesis, please refer to "Teaching/Theses".