Bachelor's Thesis (BA 450, B.Sc. Business Administration) - "Contemporary Issues in IS"


Topic Bachelor's Thesis (BA 450, B.Sc. Business Administration) "Contemporary Issues in IS Research"
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl and academic staff members
Credit Hours 2, conducted as a block seminar
Registration March 7 - 16, 2017 via Portal2; priorities after enrollment via CV Portal
ECTS Credits 12
Language of Instruction English
Kick-Off Meeting Apr 04, 10:00am, L15 1-6, room tba
Contact Nele Lueker


The following steps describe the process of writing a bachelor's thesis in the spring semester 2016

  1. March 7 - 16, 2017: Registration in Portal2; priorities after enrollment via CV Portal
  2. March 28, 2017: Topics will be published on this website
  3. April 04, 2017: Kick-off meeting, 10:00am, L15 1-6, room tba
  4. April 05, 2017, 12:00pm: Announcement of topic assignment
  5. May 31, 2017, 12:00pm: Deadline for submission of thesis
  6. End June: Results will be announced

Final Topics, Spring Semester 2017

Topic Area Topic Description Supervisor
A: IT in Healthcare Environments Tumor board meetings are an essential process step in the treatment of cancer patients. Many experts come together and discuss the medical condition and further treatment steps of a patient. Planning tumor boards, supporting the decision process and the post-processing of a meeting have room for improvement. In a thesis on this topic, students are expected to focus on one of the three phases mentioned above. They should elaborate on possibilities to support the phases and the impact of their suggestions to further phases, patients, hospitals and physicians. This should be achieved by providing an overview of academic literature from the respective fields of research. Okan Aydingül
B: AI and Medical Decision Making Artificial Intelligences such as IBM Watson or projects by Google are already moving into the field of medical diagnosis with the potential to be more accurate than their human counterparts - the doctors. The latter take several decision relevant factors into account, such as medical data from the patients past but also subjective factors such as the impression of the patient’s current health state. However, AIs development into medical diagnostics creates tension between more precise diagnosis and physician’s fears to loose autonomy. A thesis in this topic area will provide a literature review in topics related to decision making, identity threat, technology acceptance of predictive analytics/AI or relevant developments from industry perspective. Ekaterina Jussupow
C: Platform Strategy In 2008, Apple decided to open its “iPhone” technology to independent third parties—app developers—and created a multi-billion-dollar industry, comprising more than 2 million apps and yielding innovations like Snapchat, Tinder, or Instagram. Apple’s strategy is commonly referred to as a “platform strategy”. In contrast to conventional product strategies, platforms create value by leveraging the innovation capabilities of an independent “crowd” outside of the focal firm’s boundary. In this thesis project, you will review platform strategy literature and conduct a case study of a popular platform. If you want to know more about platform fundamentals, start reading here: Jens Förderer
D: Partner Management in Platform Ecosystems The success of platform ecosystems is highly dependent on innovative and high-quality complements of third-party developers. Platform owners like Amazon or Microsoft face the challenge of providing third-party developers (partners) with necessary technological and market-related knowledge to ensure a balanced product portfolio. Therefore, platform owners foster partnerships with third-party developers. These partnerships show a high level of diversification, ranging from standardized, impersonal contact to intensive personal collaboration. In this thesis, the student will review academic literature on partnership management in platform ecosystems and elaborate enablers and inhibitors of collaboration between the two sides. Nele Lüker
E: Trust Dynamics in Human-Computer Interactions In the past few decades, the importance of trust has been broadly discussed by IS researchers. General consent exists about the role of trust for IT adoption and continued use in various areas, such as e-commerce, e-government, healthcare IS or social networks. While IS researchers agree on the relevance of trust, less attention has been paid to the role of trust violations in human-computer interactions (HCI). E-commerce service failures - negative events that occur whenever the e-commerce website is incapable of offering the necessary technological capabilities essential for a consumer to accomplish his/her transactional activities and/or objectives - can be one source of unmet user expectations. In this thesis the student is expected to conceptualize service failures in the context of ecommerce based on academic literature as well as on empirical evidence. Anna-Maria Seeger
F: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Hospitals Hospitals are known for the strong disciplinary differences between different groups of physicians (e.g., radiologists vs. surgeons). In order to provide patients with adequate treatment, however, the different perspectives of physicians from different domains need to be brought together and be synthesized into a holistic picture. This thesis takes the viewpoint of information systems research to investigate why collaboration between physicians within the same, local institution is often complicated, which theories have been applied to capture the phenomenon, and how technology can help improve collaboration between physicians within hospitals. It thereby focuses on both empirical as well as design-oriented research published in high-ranking journals of the information systems, organization science, and management disciplines. Dr. Kai Spohrer
G: Developing Business Analytics “Data is the new oil” is a commonly used paraphrase for the increasing relevance of the constantly growing amount of available data. However, companies generally lack an understanding on how to use the data for their business processes. The field of business analytics is dedicated to make sense of this information to derive actionable intelligence for managers to base their decisions on and for companies to gain business value. The student is required to properly define business analytics under careful consideration of related concepts (e.g., business intelligence), identify most common fields of application and statistical methods, as well as identify future use cases for business analytics. Dr. Marten Risius

The assignment of the topics will be announced via e-mail on April 05, 2017 at 12:00pm.

For further information, please contact Opens external link in new windowNele Lüker.


  • The literature review should be done by students independently.
  • The review should include electronic literature sources offered by the University of Mannheim (Rechercheportal) as well as sources available on the internet.
  • Overviews of literature sources are available at the Mannheim University Library and here.