Component-based Outsourcing Decision Assistant (CODA)

Semester Spring Term 2011 and Fall Term 2011
Participants M. Voigt, F. Zerger, H. Sun
Supervisor(s) Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf. Tommi Kramer and Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf. Lars Klimpke

Project Description

Within the process of globalization, international trading barriers have been reduced. This has facilitated and made the outsourcing of software more and more popular. In developed countries, in particular, offshoring plays an increasingly important role, as well.

The outsourcing of decision-making in software development projects, especially of software components (different components usually have interdependencies with each other), is complex and challenging.

Hence, helping the decision-makers make more rational decisions about determining whether a component is appropriate to be outsourced or not is quite important. The purpose of this project is to develop a solution to support the process of outsourcing decision-making within software developtment projects.

The project CODA is an extension of the Semantic MediaWiki with the outsourcing-decision-making support functionality, based on the development platforms GlobaliSE and CLEoS, as well as Kramer's theoretical foundation (Kramer et al. 2010). The three major functions of the extension are the execution of the evaluation process, the evaluation based on the decision table and the display of evaluation results.

Project Outcome

  • Acquired corresponding knowledge of outsourcing, software engineering processes and project management.
  • Market research of the existing decision-making support applications.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the decision-making support tools.
  • Design and prototypical implementation of an extension with outsourcing –decision-making support functionality into Semantic MediaWiki .
  • Internal and in-company evaluation of the extension with, e.g., usability criteria.
  • Documentation and management of the project progress.


Sequence diagram, which described the processes of the extension.

Screenshots of the implemented extension

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3