Information Systems Theories

CDSB Seminar


Degree Course PhD
Lecturer Prof. Dorothy Leidner
Language of Instruction English
Room L15, 1-6, room 214/15
Time 8:15 - 11:15
Office hours by appointment
Contact person Aliona von der Trenck

This course is designed to provide doctoral students an understanding of the foundation of theory development and contribution. Much of the research in IS draws upon theories from other disciplines, including industrial psychology, sociology, management, and marketing, in developing models to apply to an IS research problem. However, there is a small body of IS-specific theories which are relevant not only to IS research but to research in other disciplines. The course will include readings from outside the IS discipline as well as within it. The course is designed for both information systems (IS) and non-IS Ph.D. students. The readings in the course will deepen the students’ understanding of the role of theory in understanding IT related organizational phenomenon and enhance their ability to theorize about IT related to their own various research themes. The objective is to provide students with exposure to theories, the use of theories in research, and the development of new theories to help them better create new or apply existing theories to their own research. The first few sessions of the course will emphasize the nature of theory, theory contribution, and theory development whereas the remaining sessions will examine particular theories related to IT and organizational phenomenon. These latter theories.

This course will be driven by discussion and as such you are expected to come prepared to each class. Each of you should come to class having read and thought about the articles/readings for the week.
On the first day of class (or prior to this day), each student will volunteer to lead the discussion on one paper of their choice. As discussion leader, you will first provide a general synopsis of the paper and then lead the discussion by posing questions and offering insights.
The purpose of the classes is to discuss what you have learnt from the readings - both assigned and otherwise and to clarify points you did not understand. My role (as instructor) will be to ensure that the key points have been identified and understood and to keep the discussion moving when it stalls. 


  • 15 June
  • 17 June
  • 19 June
  • 22 June
  • 24 June
  • 26 June
  • 29 June