Information Systems Theories

CDSB Seminar


Degree Course PhD
Lecturer Prof. Jens Dibbern
Language of Instruction English
Room L15, 1-6, room 714
Office hours by appointment

This course provides an overview of qualitative research methods and their application in the field of Information Systems (IS). The course begins with an introduction to the basic principles and alternatives of conducting qualitative research. It then provides deeper insights into three types of qualitative research, i.e. positivist variance-theoretic, interpretive, and process theoretic. For each of them, the underlying principles will be discussed in detail. For the positivist variance theoretic and process theoretic types of qualitative research, the actual coding will be illustrated with examples. For the interpretive approach, the students are required to summarize and discuss particular research papers and to reflect on how the principles of conducting interpretive research were applied in the respective papers. For this purpose the students are grouped into teams. Overall, the course is designed to be interactive. The students may also illustrate the application of particular methods based on own data if they wish


  • June 16
  • June 17
  • July 7
  • July 8