Wirtschaftsinformatik III / Information Systems III for Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik


Degree Course BSc Wirtschaftsinformatik
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Paula Swatman
Contact hours per week 3 (Lecture: 2 and Tutorium: 1)
Grading 90 min. written exam
Language of instruction English
Room Schloß Ostflügel - O 142
Time Wed. 13:45-17:00 h, April 22 - May 27, 2009
Registration not required
Office hours by appointment
Additional information https://plattform.uni-mannheim.de/


Introduction to information systems and their relationship to technology; characteristics and operations of transactional systems; database systems and their design and application; enterprise information systems; intelligent systems for organisations including decision support systems; business exploitation of computer networks, the Internet and the World Wide Web; information systems development, acquisition or outsourcing; the use of information systems and technology for competitive advantage including e-business; information technology in society.

Learning objectives

On completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the strategic management issues and the use of computer-based information systems in organisations
  • Understand the major strategies used to manage IT in private and public sector organisations
  • Review techniques for using IT to respond to emerging technologies and business opportunities
  • Discuss the strategic role of IT in an organisation and its alignment with business objectives
  • Be familiar with trends in the organisational use of IS which affect IS policy development
  • Identify human resource, equity and ethical issues in the management of Information Technology and Systems


Text Book:

  • Applegate, L., Austin. R.D. and McFarlan, F.W. (2007) Corporate Information Strategy and Management: Text and Cases, (7th Edition) McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0072947756