Topic Contemporary Issues in Information Systems
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl and Research Assistants
Contact hours per week 2 SWS, conducted as a block seminar
Certificate Seminarschein
ECTS 5 (only for foreign program-students)
Prerequisite Vordiplom (or comparable degree) and at least 4 completed Wifo-modules
Date May 8th, 2009
Location t.b.a.
Registration On this page
Contact Thomas Kude, Erik Hemmer

Important dates

  • <b>Info session:</b> December 1; 2 pm (L15, 1-6; Room 715)
  • <b>Registration period:</b> From December 8 - December 15
  • <b>Topic and tutor assignment:</b> December 19, 2008
  • <b>Paper submission:</b> April 24, 2009
  • <b>Seminar session:</b> May 8, 2009


The primary objective of the seminar is to analyze information systems development and use from different perspectives. The secondary objective is to train students on behalf of the necessary techniques for scientific work along a practical setting. Important aspects are the evaluation, structuring, and classification of existing research work and the presentation of a detailed and thorough overview of the current state of the art. In addition, scientific work also includes the creation of new knowledge. The participation in the seminar can be regarded as an important preliminary step towards a successful diploma thesis.

The seminar is subdivided into the following tracks.

Track 1: Distributed Software Development
Track 2: Business Networks in the Enterprise Software Industry
Track 3: Mobile Business
Track 4: IT Governance