IS 614 - Corporate Knowledge Management


Topic IS 614 - Corporate Knowledge Management
Lecturer Thomas Kude
Contact hours per week 2 SWS
Grading Written exam (80%) and Group work (20%)
Prerequisite no
Language English
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Time Tuesdays, 12:00-13:30
Room L 9, 1-2 - 004
First Lecture September 11, 2012
Contact Thomas Kude
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Organizations increasingly understand that the knowledge of their employees has become one of the most important input factors. Many companies even acknowledge that sustainable competitive advantage can only result from superior knowledge bases. Consequently, knowledge management has become a crucial topic in almost every organization. In many cases, experts from information technology or information management play an important role in these efforts.

Given the increasing importance of knowledge management, the course "Corporate Knowledge Management” deals with the question of how the identification, acquisition, structuring, storage, distribution, and use of knowledge can be supported through information technology.

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is knowledge management?
  • Motivation and implications of knowledge management
  • Knowledge creation
  • Knowledge storage and retrieval
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Design principles of knowledge management systems
  • Use of knowledge management systems

Schedule (preliminary)

No. Topic Date
1 Introduction 11.09.2012
2 Knowledge creation 18.09.2012
3 Knowledge transfer 25.09.2012
4 Knowledge storage and retrieval I 02.10.2012
5 Knowledge storage and retrieval II 09.10.2012
6 Guest Lecture (ubivent) 16.10.2012
7 Designing knowledge management systems I 23.10.2012
8 Designing knowledge management systems II 30.10.2012
9 Guest Lecture (Deloitte Strategy Consulting) 06.11.2012
10 The use of knowledge management systems I 13.11.2012
11 The use of knowledge management systems II 20.11.2012
12 Group work 27.11.2012
13 Questions/Discussion 04.12.2012
13 Written Exam (60 min) 13.12.2012