IS 611 Case Studies in Information Systems


Degree Course MSc, Diploma
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Heinzl and Thomas Kude
Contact hours per week 2
Grading Topic presentation (45%), Written Case (55%)
Language of instruction English
Room L 9, 1-2 009
Time Thursday, 8:30 - 10:00 h, September 16 - December 10, 2010
Registration wifo1(at) until Sept 15
Office hours by appointment
Additional information


This course is designed for students that focus on the Information Management track in the master’s programme. It crosses and integrates the topics of the lectures and attempts to complement the theoretical lenses from a practical perspective with the help of case studies. Thus, this course is recommended for the second year of the master program. The course offers the opportunity for a comprehensive team effort. In addition to analyzing the methodological foundations of case study research, students have to write and present a case study on their own. This deepens the understanding of real world IS topics and offers a substantial way to enter IS research from an empirical perspective. The best two cases will be nominated for the annual Business Informatics Challenge in Dublin.


No. Date Topic Literature Lecturer
1 9/16/10 Kick-off and introduction Kude
2 9/20/10 Announcement of case teams and tutors -
3 9/23/10 Foundations of the case method [1], [5], [8] Ch. 1, 2 Kude
4 9/30/10 Presentation of preliminary case concepts (topic & company) Plenary session
5 10/7/10 Roundtables with tutors in their offices Tutor
6 10/14/10 Status report on company admission and case concept Plenary session
7 10/21/10 Roundtables with tutors in their offices Tutor
8 10/28/10 Roundtables with tutors in their offices Tutor
9 11/4/10 Exploratory vs. confirmatory research cases (4) (5) (8, Ch. 1,2) Team 2
10 11/11/10 Positivist vs. interpretive research cases (1) (6) (7) Team 1
11 11/18/10 Presentation of story concept and case structure Plenary session
12 11/25/10 Roundtables with tutors in their offices Tutor
13 12/2/10 Presentation of cases Plenary session
14 1/15/11 Submission of final cases -


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