Information Systems in the Service Industry


Degree Course BSc
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl
Contact hours per week 2
Grading written exam
Language of instruction English
Room O 135
Time Tuesday, 12:00-13:30 h
Registration not required
Office hours by appointment
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This course deals with the application logic of information systems in the service industry. It provides an overview of service processes and illustrates how different phases of service processes can be supported by information systems. The course focuses on selected service domains like transportation, health care, finance, telecommunication and mobile services. Participants become acquainted with the respective functionality as well as the specificities of these domains. Moreover, the course demonstrates the challenges which arise when services are enabled by information systems. The course is suitable for information system as well as business administration students.


No. Date Topic Lecturer
1 09.09.08 Intro, Info Systems, Service Processes Prof. Heinzl
2 16.09.08 Service Support Systems Prof. Heinzl
3 23.09.08 IS in the service process Prof. Heinzl
4 30.09.08 Transportation I Prof. Heinzl
5 07.10.08 Transportation II Prof. Heinzl
6 14.10.08 Finance, Banking, and Insurance I Prof. Heinzl
7 21.10.08 Finance, Banking, and Insurance II Prof. Heinzl
8 28.10.08 Visiting Talk Finance and Banking N.N. Deutsche Bank
9 04.11.08 Health Care I Prof. Heinzl
10 11.11.08 Health Care II Prof. Heinzl
11 18.11.08 Visiting Talk Mobile Business N.N.
12 25.11.08 Telecommunications and mobile Business N.N.
13 02.12.08 Buffer Prof. Heinzl


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