Information Resource Management II (Cases in IS)


Degree Course MSc
Lecturer Dr. Jens Dibbern
Contact hours per week 2
Grading Case studies and written exam
Language of instruction English
Room L 15,16; 7. floor; department library
Time Wednesday, 15:30-17:00 h
Registration Until Sept 12, 2008
Office hours by appointment
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This case study course complements the course Information Resource Management. It illustrates selected information management issues. The main objective is to better understand as well as to apply the concepts taught in the course. Students are required to prepare as well as to write case studies.

Teaching language will be English.


No. Date Session Subject Session Content / Activity Instructor
0 10.09.08 Introduction Lecture: Foundations of the Case Study Method and Course Objectives Dibbern
1 17.09.08 Group formation will be announced through the internet; case materials will be made available Group roundtables: No session! group formation will be announced and case materials will be made available through the internet
2 24.09.08 IS/T Strategic Planning Group Presentation: Analysis of Case 1: ROYAL CARRIBEAN (Harvard, 2003) Dibbern
3 01.10.08 Case writing project Fundamentals of how to write a case Dibbern
4 08.10.08 IS/T Leadership/Governance Group Presentation: Analysis of Case 2: NIBCO'S "BIG BANG" Dibbern
5 15.10.08 Case writing project Group roundtables: Status report on company and topic identification Dibbern
6 22.10.08 IS/T Sourcing Group Presentation: Analysis of Case 3: OLD MUTUAL Dibbern
7 29.10.08 AT Kearney Case Interviews with AT Kearney for gathering additional information about case (per telephone or personal) H. Röder, J. Augustin
8 05.11.08 AT Kearney Case Presentation of case solutions by student teams & Get-together H. Röder,J. Augustin
9 12.11.08 Case writing project Group Presentation of topic concept and interview guideline (initial data screening) Dibbern
10 19.11.08 Case writing project Group Presentation of data points and planned case stories Dibbern
11 26.11.08 Case writing project Group roundtables Dibbern
12 03.12.08 Presentation of Student Cases Schedule to be announced! Dibbern
13 31.01.08 Submission of Student Cases ./. ./.