Information Resource Management I


Degree Course MSc
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl
Contact hours per week 2
Grading written exam
Language of instruction English
Room L 15,16 A 001
Time Tuesday, 15:30-17:00 h
Registration not required
Office hours by appointment
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Modern organizations are influenced by information systems (IS) in various ways. As competition becomes borderless, organizations are forced to continually examine ways to operate more efficiently. Information systems are often a means of obtaining efficiencies in such environments. Systems are also a key enabler of new products, services, and processes.

This course is designed for students who desire an insightful synopsis of information resource management concepts and practices. It emphasizes the management of information systems. The course examines issues associated with managing IT issues in various settings. Information management issues will be discussed from a planning, governance, and controlling perspective.


No. Date Topic Lecturer
1 09.09.08 Introduction: The evolving role of IS Prof. Heinzl
2 16.09.08 Strategic Information Systems Prof. Heinzl
3 23.09.08 Strategic Information Systems Planning Prof. Heinzl
4 30.09.08 IS Governance and Leadership Prof. Heinzl
5 07.10.08 Centralisation vs. Decentralisation of IS Resources Prof. Heinzl
6 14.10.08 Sourcing Options and the Outsourcing Decision Prof. Heinzl
7 21.10.08 Outsourcing Relationship Management Prof. Heinzl
8 28.10.08 Internal Markets and other Hybrid Arrangements Prof. Heinzl
9 04.11.08 Offshoring and Application Service Providing (ASP) Prof. Heinzl
10 11.11.08 IS/T Returns / Impact Prof. Heinzl
11 18.11.08 IS/T Controlling Prof. Heinzl
12 25.11.08 Visiting Lecture N.N.
13 02.12.08 Risk Management Prof. Heinzl


  • A reader with selected literature will be distributed at the beginning of the course