Globally Distributed Software Development


Degree Course MSc
Lecturer Dr. Tobias Hildenbrand
Contact hours per week 2
Grading written exam and term project
Language of instruction English
Room L 15,16 A 001
Time Wednesday, 17:15-18:45 h
Registration (until September, 30) closed
Office hours by appointment
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Growing global demand for software and increasing globalization of software production result in ever more (globally) distributed software development projects. Therefore, collaboration processes within these projects become more complicated due to distributed human and software artifact resources, restricted means of communication and less informal coordination mechanisms, among other things. Moreover, there is a noticeable tendency towards global sourcing and inter-organizational "software ecosystems” in this industry.

This lecture aims at conveying an in-depth understanding of particular issues in various globally distributed software development scenarios and enabling to classify and evaluate different conceptual, methodological, and technological approaches to conducting distributed collaboration in software projects. Furthermore, participants are supposed to understand and differentiate global distribution issues with respect to particular development process disciplines as well as global sourcing practices and inter-cultural issues in global software development projects. In addition, this lecture also conveys different approaches to inter-organizational collaboration and marketing within the software industry.


No. Date Topic
1 17.09.08 Introduction to GDSD
2 24.09.08 Distributed Requirements Engineering
3 01.10.08 Distributed Requirements Management
4 08.10.08 Practitioner Talk (SAP)
5 15.10.08 Practitioner Talk (Microsoft)
6 22.10.08 Inter-Cultural and Social Issues in Offshoring and Nearshoring Scenarios
7 29.10.08 Practitioner Talk (Deutsche Bank)
8 05.11.08 Platform- and Component-Based Development Approaches
9 12.11.08 Global Partner Networks and Software Ecosystems
10 19.11.08 Cases and Future Trends in GDSD
11 26.11.08 Practitioner Talk (IBM)
12 03.12.08 Internationalization of Software Services and Lecture Roundup


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