Contemporary Issues and Trends in Global IT Management and Sourcing

Important dates

  • <b>Initial meeting:</b> June 12, 2007; 15:30 h (O 148)
  • <b>Registration deadline:</b> extended to July 31, 2007 (via internet).
  • <b>Topic assignment:</b> August 03, 2007 (via internet) On request, a pre-drawn assignment is possible for already announced topics.
  • <b>Presentation technique seminar (by MLP AG):</b> October 19, 2007; 10:00 - 13:30 h (S 222)
  • <b>Submission deadline:</b> November 9, 2007; 12:00 h (S 221)
  • <b>Hand in presentation slides for feedback:</b> November 19, 2007 (by email to your scientific advisor)
  • <b>Seminar session:</b> November 22, 2007 at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG


The primary objective of this seminar is to offer insight about contemporary issues and trends in global IT management. Especially, governance, sourcing, and offshoring topics will be focused. The secondary objective is to train students on behalf of the necessary techniques for scientific work along a practical setting. Important aspects are the evaluation, structuring, and classification of existing research work and the presentation of a detailed and thorough overview of the current state of the art. In addition, scientific work also includes the creation of new knowledge. The participation in the seminar can be regarded as an important preliminary step towards a successful diploma thesis.

Coaching of students

For some topics, the coaching of students will be done in a dual format with Heidelberger Druck IT managers serving as advisors with regard to content and scholars of from the Department of General Management and Information Systems serving as scientific advisors (see list of topics below).


Topic Assigned student Scientific advisor Corporate advisor
The Impact of compliance and regulation on IT governance Christian Thum Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl Norbert Deubel
The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and its impact on sourcing effectiveness Martin Eberle, Thomas Tolksdorf Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl Konrad Rothfuss, Sven Schober
New sourcing horizons: the impact on cloud computing on industry structures Clemens Sontheim Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl -
Global delivery models of IT services providers Christian Stasius Jessica Winkler Harry Birkl
Information systems offshoring – A macro perspective Ehsan Ranjah Jessica Winkler Doug Robbins
Internationalization challenges for SME software and IT services providers Andreas Perner, Sebastian Roth Jessica Winkler -
The impact of collaboration tools on geographically distributed software projects Thomas Acker, Christian Prellisauer Dr. Jens Dibbern Uwe Hoefler
The impact of information and communication technologies on coordination effort in offshored software projects Dr. Jens Dibbern Doug Robbins
Differences between onshore and offshore outsourcing from Germany Madeleine Seeland, Marko Nöhren Dr. Jens Dibbern -


  • Participating students are required to elaborate the seminar paper on their own; after a literature overview has been conducted, participants are requested to coordinate the structure and contents of the paper with the tutor at the beginning of the work process.
  • Participants are requested to conduct a literature analysis independently, utilizing the electronic literature sources of the University of Mannheim as well as other accessible sources on the Internet.
  • For electronic literature sources see
  • Papers must be written in English language and should contain 16 pages!
  • For formal requirements see <link diplomarbeiten>Diplomarbeiten</link>
  • The compliance with these requirements is mandatory.