Master Team Projects


Lecturer Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl and Research Assistants
Contact Tommi Kramer / Lars Klimpke


The chair of business administration and information systems will offer master team projects in the upcoming FSS 2011. Further information and details regarding the projects will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

Team projects can be started every semester. The registration is done centrally for the whole master program sending an email with first and second choice to pa-msc(at) The Deadlines will be annouced in the information session in February.

Upcoming Team Projects (FSS 2011)

  • <LINK _blank>Project 7: Decision Support</LINK>
  • <LINK _blank>Project 8: Semantic MediaWiki</LINK>

Running Team Projects

  • <LINK _blank>Project 5: HIB-Lab</LINK>
  • <LINK _blank>Project 6: eLearning</LINK>

Previous Team Projects

  • <LINK _blank>Project 1: Software-as-a-Service: TraVis on Demand</LINK>
  • <LINK _blank>Project 2: Mobile technology: Aware</LINK> - <LINK _blank>Results</LINK>
  • <LINK _blank>Project 3: Leisure</LINK>
  • <LINK _blank>Project 4: A web-solution for micro-businesses in emerging economies</link>