IS 614 - Corporate Knowledge Management


Degree Course M.Sc. Management, M.Sc. Business Education, M.Sc. Business Informatics, Diploma Business Administration, Diploma Business Informatics
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl, tbd
Contact hours per week 2 SWS
Grading Written exam (80%) and Group work (20%)
Prerequisite no
Language English
Time 12.00-15.15, biweekly
Room O142
Contact Office,
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Companies have realized that the knowledge of their professionals is a decisive factor in competition. Firms are able to differentiate against their competitors through superior knowledge in the long term. This lecture deals with the question of how the identification, acquisition, organization, storage, distribution, and use of knowledge can be supported with the help of information technology and where the limits of such efforts are.

Learning Objectives

Students will acquire specific knowledge about the challenges of corporate knowledge management. After completion of the course, students have developed a thorough understanding of the creation, storage, retrieval, and transfer of knowledge. Students are acquainted with the repertoire of analytical concepts regarding the strategic planning, architectures, implementation, and evaluation of integrated knowledge management systems.


No. Topic(s) Date
1 Introduction - What is Knowledge Management?, Knowledge creation 22.09.2015
2 Knowledge storage and retrieval 06.10.2015
3 Knowledge transfer 20.10.2015
4 Strategic planning of integrated knowledge management systems (IKMS), Architectures of integrated knowledge management systems 03.11.2015
5 Implementation of integrated knowledge management systems 17.11.2015
6 Evaluation of the success of integrated knowledge management systems 01.12.2015
Final Exam tbd