Reference Projects

Information Technology as an Enabler for Innovative Business Processes

The Chair of Business Administration and Information Systems examines the application of process-supporting information technology in two application domains. 

Event-oriented architectures in hospitals: the health care sector as a growth market is confronted with an explosion of costs and a shortage in resources. The challenge here lies in the realization of rationalization gains in service provision. The chair's research primarily focuses on the improvement and efficient design of service provision through the development and adaption of information and communication technologies for process management, decision making, and organization design. 

Mobile technologies in job production: for the coordination and control of work cycles in job production (e.g. in the construction industry), up-to-date information about work progress and resource utilization is needed constantly. In this context, the chair examines the potential of mobile technologies to gather and provide necessary information and therefore shorten the processing times of projects in job production.

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