Process Management


Degree Course MSc, Diploma
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl
Contact hours per week 2 + 2
Grading 45-minute written exam
Language of instruction German
Language of materials English
Room O 169 (- 02.03.2010); L15,1-6 A001 (09.03.2010 -)
Time 12:00 - 13:30pm, February 23 - June 1, 2010
Office hours By appointment
Additional information


In this lecture, theoretical concepts and methods in process management will be presented. After completing the class you should be able to

  • recognize the significance of process management
  • model and analyze business processes by using particular techniques and tools
  • define the structure of processes in a semantically precise way
  • examine the (dynamic) behavior of objects in processes
  • improve the design of processes 

The lecture will be held in German with English lecture slides and reading materials. 




Degree Course MSc, Diploma
Lecturer Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf. Tommi Kramer
Language of instruction German
Room O131, O163
Time Thursday, 13:45-15:15 h
Office hours by appointment

Schedule (preliminary)

No. Date Topic Lecturer
1 23.02.2010 Fundamentals Prof. Heinzl
2 02.03.2010 Process Modeling via UML Prof. Heinzl
3 09.03.2010 Process Modeling: Basic Petri Nets Prof. Heinzl
E1 11.03.2010 Exercise 1 (Room: O131) Tommi Kramer
4 16.03.2010 Process Modeling: High-Level Petri Nets Prof. Heinzl
5 23.03.2010 Process Modeling: ARIS, EPC vs. Petri Nets Prof. Heinzl
E2 25.03.2010 Exercise 2 (Room: O131) Tommi Kramer
30.03.2010 Easter Holiday - no lecture
06.04.2010 Easter Holiday - no lecture
6 13.04.2010 Process Analysis: Structural Analysis Prof. Heinzl
7 20.04.2010 Process Analysis: Behavioral Analysis: Markov Chains and Queues Prof. Heinzl
8 27.04.2010 Process Analysis: Behavioral Analysis: Simulations Prof. Heinzl
E3 29.04.2010 Exercise 3 (Room: O163) Tommi Kramer
9 04.05.2010 Visiting Talk Steria Mummert Consulting Dr. Paulussen
10 11.05.2010 Process Implementation: Workflow Systems Prof. Heinzl
11 18.05.2010 BPM Workshop Boston Consulting (8.00 am - 3.30 pm) Registration Dr. Grebe and team
12 25.05.2010 Process Implementation: Adaptive Work Flows Prof. Heinzl
E4 27.05.2010 Exercise 4 (Room: O131) Tommi Kramer
13 01.06.2010 Process Controlling Prof. Heinzl


  • Van der Aalst, W.; van Hee, K.: Workflow Management: Models, Methods and Systems, Berlin u.a. 2002.
  • Oberweis, A.: Modellierung aus Ausführung von Workflows mit Petri-Netzen, Stuttgart 1996.
  • Jablonski, S.: Workflow-Management-Systeme: Modellierung und Architektur, Bonn 1995.